Why a Tassie Team?

As if you need more convincing?

We’re as sick and tired of barracking for mainland teams as you are.


Almost three decades have passed since VFL became the AFL, creating a national league.
Yet our island state still doesn’t have a AFL or ALFW team.

Nationals Senator for Tasmania Steve Martin spoke about the need for a Tassie team in his inaugural speech and ever since being in Canberra has fought tooth and nail to get others on board.

The numbers speak for themselves. In Tasmania we have:



Tassie AFL teams


Tassie AFL players


Tassie AFL clubs


Tasmania has participation levels in AFL at levels similar to other foundation football states. We also boast around 35,000 non-playing participants who are actively involved in the game. Based on that figure, Tasmanian football is clearly the largest community group in our state by a significant margin.

Plus, we have almost 30 Tassie boys playing in the AFL Senior List across 13 different teams. See them all here >

We need people to join our virtual T23 team to show that all of Tasmania is behind having a AFL and AFLW team.