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“Tasmania deserves its own team, it just does.”
Gillon McLachlan, August 2015 National Press Club
“I would love the state to have an AFL team and in the next 12 months will start deciding whether it does or not”
Gillon McLachlan, CEO AFL, March 21, 2018 in Hobart
“I have given my preferred view about a single team down here, but in the context of what we have announced today, that will guide the decision post 2021 about what the right model is. Whether it’s a single team for Tasmania or a new license… they are the two options.”
Gillon McLachlan, CEO AFL, March 21, 2018 in Hobart
“In a response to the interstate game 24/06/1990 where Tasmania defeated Victoria “that there was a genuine prospect of Tasmania having a team in the national competition in the near future - 1995 is a date by which we’d be realistically looking at Tasmania joining”
Alan Schwab, AFL Executive Commissioner, June 1990
“All it talked about yesterday was the maintaining of and shoring up a third-rate football existence for Tasmanians”
Tim Lane March 22, 2018 after Gillon McLachlan visit to Tasmania
“Any discussion on the health of football in the state must include the push for a Tasmanian AFL team, says Premier Will Hodgman and Tasmanian federal Labor politicians.”
“It is not a national competition until that happens”
“I will be passing that view again on to Gillon”
“He’s got to outline in my view, or the AFL need to outline, a plan for that to occur”
Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman, March 20, 2018
“Only hardest of hearts could deny Tasmania an AFL team”
Martin Flanagan THE AGE May 20, 2017
“A proud and strong football heritage is one of the things that makes Tasmania great. It’d be sensational for young footballers to grow up with a dream of playing for their very own AFL side and I’m sure, given a chance, Tasmanians would be right behind a local team.”
ALASTAIR LYNCH - Tasmanian AFL great and triple premiership player with the Brisbane Lions