Employment & Volunteer Opportunities


Want to get involved?

While establishing a whole new team and club structure, there will be many opportunities for you to get involved in some capacity on many levels. We are keen to gain interest from anyone interested in assisting a new venture in many different areas. It takes a multitude of people to operate a club! Do you want to get involved? Do you have any skills, time, or expertise in one of the following areas?

We will be looking for passionate people with experience or skills in:

  • Coaching Staff - various levels

  • Administration - management, reception & more

  • Medical staff - trainers, doctors, physios

  • On field support - runners, water carriers, equipment handlers

  • Event, catering and hospitality

  • Volunteer coordinator(s)

  • Supporter Club - banner making, fund raising etc.

  • Club shop - retail staff 

  • Others!

If you are interested in getting involved or assisting in any way, please let us know!