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 Why a Tassie Team?

 Almost three decades have passed since VFL became the AFL, creating a national league. Yet our island state still doesn’t have an AFL or ALFW team.

Nationals Senator for Tasmania Steve Martin spoke about the need for a Tassie team in his inaugural speech and ever since being in Canberra has fought tooth and nail to get others on board.


Why a Tassie Team?

As if you need more convincing?

We’re as sick and tired of barracking for mainland teams as you are.


Who else has joined?

It’s not just your neighbour who thinks this is a good idea.

We’ve even got the Deputy Prime Minister on board…


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Almost thirty years after the creation of a so called national league, Tasmania remains without a team, or even a genuine pathway. This is a disgrace! NSW has two teams, Queensland has two teams. So do South Australia and Western Australia. Tasmania has none… I am realistic. I understand that you don’t get a team with a click of the fingers. But I am also eager. And I am prepared to use all the moral and political weight of my office to do so.
Senator Steve Martin Nationals Senator for Tasmania
(Inaugural Speech — 21 March 2018)

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